charlie kubal

designer / musician / writer / curator

chronos laptop


Mobile apps that help you live more intentionally. Head of Product & co-founder with Dylan Keil.
Acquired by Life360, Aug '15

wait what

wait what

Mashup music project. Millions of downloads; headlined clubs & stadiums from NYC to Toronto to Bangkok.



Writer/speaker on human behavior, technology & business. Published in The Atlantic Cities & Business Insider.


music curation

Listen to a lot of hip-hop, indie, and other cool kid subgenres. Make a mix each month and share out a lot of things I dig.

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rufus the pup

16 pounds of pure awesomeness. World's greatest dog, one of my best friends, and minor Internet celebrity.

wait what

Debut album the notorious xx garnered 1M+ plays in 10 days and critical acclaim from New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and The Guardian UK, who dubbed it “the best mashup album of the year.”

10s of millions of plays since, toppped Hype Machine several times, and shared stages with Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Capital Cities. Played stadiums and clubs in NYC, Vegas, Toronto, and Bangkok. Also play world's first live mashup show with Shane Mac.

Here's my favorite track I've made:

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Musings on human behavior, technology, music, and life. Half-baked thoughts on Twitter, quick responses on Quora, and more fleshed out ideas on Medium. Published in Business Insider, The Atlantic Cities, and several magazines.

music curation

I listen to a ton of music -- hip-hop, indie rock, minimal ambient stuff, and Brand New b-sides to remind me of high school.

Kendrick's my favorite rapper, Diplo's stuff is the most consistently interesting to me, and I think Kanye West is the most influential artist of our generation.

I have an ongoing Spotify mix called NOW that's what I call 🔥🔥🔥 . Wrote about my favorite songs of the year of 2018.

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Rufus is a 5-year old, 16lb. terrier mix. He came from the SF SPCA and loves parks, beaches, and anywhere he can ham it up. He successfully graduated from puppy kindergarten and pursued further studies to be certified to conduct Pet Assisted Therapy.

He chronicles his adventures on Instagram (@rufusthepup) and he's been on Reddit's front page (r/aww and r/photoshopbattles). Ellen featured him on her Instagram, where he got half a million likes, and he splits his time living with me and Gina Gregory.